You will be staying at at a Conference Center in the beautiful countryside between the Nationalpark and the Limfjord. All meals will be provided.These services are free of charge.

There are no real rules; participants are all adults, and common sense tells you what to do. The atmosphere is friendly and positive. Participants and all involved with the festival are refreshingly sensitive and open: the two weeks  together goes by all too fast, but it remains in our memories long after.   

The organizing committee of approximately 30 local people work together on this as volunteers to help music florish in the region, and to help create new opportunities for young musicians. Some of them work full time, asking only that your dedication to music and the festival be sincere. 

The county, the municipalities and a number of local private sponsors including the Thy Chamber Music Festival Trade Association make the scholarships possible. We hope you will enjoy your time up in Thy, that you will find new inspiration in the music, the people and the environment.    We do look forward to having you with us in Thy!