The district of Thy and the Isle of Mors are typical Danish countryside regions. As you will see, we have lots of farmland, forests and open land. Agriculture and fishing and connected industries are the natural occupations in this area, which is beautifully located between the rough North Sea and the gentle Limfjord. 

The population density is generally low in the region and the towns Thisted, Hanstholm, Nykøbing Mors and Hurup account for the majority of citizens. All other communities are very small, and so is Vesløs, where the participants will be staying.

We who live in this region are very attached to it, and we are also very proud of having the fine chamber music concerts that Thy Chamber Music Festival offers.

Whether you play in a small church, a town concert hall, or a large cultural center, we hope that you will enjoy communicating not only with your performance partners, but also with the people who live here.

It is important to never loose sight of one of our goals, which is to share with those who welcome us.