Gift cards, consisting of a ‘partout ticket’ that gives free access to all concerts, are available for 400 DKK, members 350 DKK.


Thy Chamber Music Festival
Todbølvej 16
7752 Snedsted
Phone: +45 97 93 48 92 or +45 97 92 09 02

The partout ticket gives entry to all concerts during this year's chamber music festival in Thy.

  • Inspired by and in conjunction with five excellent teachers, a dozen eminently skilled young musicians from all over the world work to convey ancient and new chamber music works at Thy Chamber Music Festival.
  • If you are familiar with classical music, you can appraise the repertoire level in the concert series yourself.
  • If you know little about chamber music, then maybe you should let yourself be challenged by one or two concerts.
  • Are you the one who just does not appreciate classical music, then let a colleague, friend or relative have the opportunity.

We hope that you will come and enjoy great and beautiful experiences!