Welcome to Thy Chamber Music Festival August 14 - 29, 2022


In 2022, there will be 21 musicians, rehearsing and performing great chamber music of the past and present in mixed groups of our invited participants together with the teachers. 

Our main focus is to perform fine chamber music with enthusiasm, understanding, and inspired by the unique environment that our festival offers.

In 2022, for the first time, five of our 21 musicians will be classical musicians who will work in a little different way.

Carefully guided by the artistic director, Craig Goodman, the five musicians will play chamber music for their instruments and also compose music together,  perhaps improvise. The result of this work together will be a concert of music which sounds a bit different than what we usually play with classical and perhaps jazz music influences, and also influences of music from traditions around the world. Our goal is to play beautiful, lyrical music in new and perhaps surprising ways.

In the world of jazz, the idea that musicians compose, arrange and improvise their own music is normal. In the world of classical music, it is not. We are doing our part to change this just a bit.

2023 Festival: August 13. - 28.

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Thy Chamber Music Festival on the road again.

After highly acclaimed tours in Denmark and Sweden in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019, Thy Chamber Music Festival hope to be able to do a fifth tour in 2022.