Application procedure

The 2022 festival will have 21 invited musicians including our five teachers.

You may apply in one or both of the following categories.

First, be sure that your completed application and all mp3 files are together in one Dropbox file clearly labeled with your full name and your instrument. We will only consider application materials in your file at Dropbox. Then invite us to share your files using our email address: 

Be sure to tell us if you are playing a first or second part in string quartets and ensembles where more than one person plays the same instrument.


We welcome applications from individuals for:
Violin - viola - cello

Your recordings, preferably from live concerts and with music in contrasting styles, should contain the following:

- two or three chamber music works or movements.
- one or two solo works or movements (may be accompanied by piano or orchestra)



This year for the first time, we are also looking for 5 musicians to participate in a new kind of experience. Guided by the artistic director, this group will compose and perform a new piece together. Your concerts during the festival will also include great chamber music for your instruments, and arrangements of works suited to your instruments.  

If you can answer YES to two or more of the following, we invite you to apply in this category : 

Do you enjoy singing and/or dance? Do you yourself improvise?  Are you interested in trying to improvise?  Do you compose? Are you interested in composing together with a group guided by the artistic director? Have you made arrangements? Do you like good new music?

We welcome applications from individuals for the following instruments and voice:

Violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, basson, saxophone, brass instruments, acoustic guitar, accordeon, cimbalom, voice ...  If you play an instrument we haven't thought of, please contact us in advance!

Your recordings, preferably from live concerts, should include 10 to 15 minutes of chamber music works, or solo works, arrangements or improvised works. You may choose to send a combination of those, but, please do not just send music of you playing unaccompanied solo.

You may apply individually, or as a group.

After we listen to your recordings, we will arrange a telephone interview with you to help us make final selections.


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All application forms and recordings must be received by March 4, 2022. We will acknowledge receipt of your materials by e-mail immediately, and we will e-mail you again in early April with notification of acceptance or rejection.

Phone interviews for 'A NEW IDEA in CHAMBER MUSIC' applicants will take place between March 21 and April 2.

Repertoire assignments will be posted at our web site in May.


Download application form for CATEGORY 1 : CHAMBER MUSIC

Download application form for CATEGORY 2: A NEW IDEA in CHAMBER MUSIC