Thy Chamber Music Festival on tour

After a highly acclaimed first tour in Denmark and Sweden in 2013, 2015 and 2017, The Thy Chamber Music Festival has decided to do a fourth tour in 2019

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Thy Chamber Music Festival on on tour in 2017

The four musicians are Professor Daniel Blumenthal, who for the last 20 years has been a highly esteemed member of the festival´s teaching staff. He lives and teaches in Bruxelles. The violinist is Suyeon Kang, 27, born in South Korea, citizen of Australia, at the present living in Germany. She is constantly winning prizes all over the world and she has attended our festival three times before (2010/11/12). Ieong Cheng (Katy) Ho, 26, was born in China, but she now lives in New York, preparing her DMA, Doctor of Musical Arts. She has lately been working to promote classical music to students who see this type of music as strange and unimportant. Katy took part in our festival in 2013. The cellist is Michael Kaufmann, 29, who has been here twice before (2013/14), he is American, trained in California and this season touring with cello concertos by Saint Säens and Dvorak.



Johannes Brahms Klaverkvartet i g-mol op 25 Andante con moto : video


It was my greatest pleasure to return to Denmark - as alumni of the festival - the last time I was in Denmark must have been five years ago. It is funny how all memories flood back when you return to a certain environment- and this tour did just that for me! An absolute joy to work with 3 incredible musicians and to tour this beautiful country and Sweden as well…and as every musician will know, getting to play a program 5 times in a row is quite a luxury: you get to know the pieces inside out and furthermore every concert includes more and more risk-taking and understanding, not only of the music, but of the colleagues that you are playing with.

Many heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers involved and to those that spent so much time organizing this special event! Hope to be back soon.