Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider, violin

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Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider (b. 1956) studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music under professors Endre Wolf and Milan Vitek.
She also studied in the USA under, among others, Isidore Cohen (of the Beaux Arts Trio), Stanley Ritchie (baroque violinist, Indiana University, Bloomington) and Alexander Schneider (Budapest String Quartet).

For a number of years, Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider was associate concertmaster of the Royal Danish Orchestra and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Since 15 years Leader of Trinitatis Chamber Orchestra.

Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider has appeared as soloist with Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, DR Symphonia, and Sonderborg Symphony Orchestra.

She now combines her performing career with her teaching post as associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

She has performed widely in Europe and the USA with pianist Ulrich Stærk and her Trio Corelli.