1. September 2015

The November Tour 2015

It was once again a nice experience to join the musicians on the tour in November. The two seniors, Craig and Morten, were accompaniedby clarinetist Chad Burrows (now professor in Michigan), violinists Kirstine Schneider and Emily Dellit and viola player Adam Newman, and the  carefully selected pieces were played even more intense and energetic with each performance, reaching a beautiful climax in Lund in Sweden. Our Swedish friends are very enthusiastic, and they are planning to go by bus and visit the festival this summer. That would be nice!

Of course the Clarinet Quintet by Johannes Brahms was very well received everywhere, but Nielsens String Quartet, John Frandsens Ailos, composed for last summer´s festival, and Craig´s Relay were also saluted by applause, tears and laughter. When Chad and Craig do Relay they are serious, grave and very funny. Frandsen´s Ailos, inspired by wind and nature in Thy, surprised people in a positive way. The most spectacular performance took place in the Museum of Faaborg. Our excellent musicians played in The Great Hall surrounded by some of the best paintings by some of the best Danish artists. 

The Festival Tour ended in Nyhavn 17 after the concert in Lund. A well done piece of cod and a large beer, then goodbye, see you next summer. Emily and Adam took a city bike and found their way to Frederiksberg. I crossed my fingers for their biking through Copenhagen at night, but they made it. At least that is what I´ve heard.

Thanks to all of you musicians and our president, Aase, a dedicated Tour-fan.


Diasshow from the tour 2015

Koncert venues and  dates

From the tour november 2013:

Festival artistic director, Craig Goodman, flute, with violinist Marie-Claudine Papadopoulos, violist Matan Gilitchensky, and cellist Carl- Oscar Østerlind at Skissernas Museum in Lund Sweden.  

Diasshow from the tour 2013

Video from the tour 2013: Aleksandr Borodin String Quartet No. 2 in D Major, 1.movement: Allegro moderato